• Entirely Off-Grid

  • Cutting energy costs and reducing carbon blueprint

  • Info on destination sent to your phone

  • WiFi and satellite connection for blackspots

  • Environmental and wildlife sensitive

  • ISO 19001 /ISO 14001 ISO/13485 Approved

  • Built in maintenance alert

  • Mesh communications system

  • Doesn’t require a qualified electrician to install

  • A smart green city

  • Early alerts for incidents at road intersections

  • Proximity media

  • 24/7 Security

  • 100% recyclable at the end of life cycle

  • A1 compatible


  • Future technologies will enhance all aspects of our city.
  • Our cities, towns, and outbacks need to feel safe for everyone.
  • Visitors and residents can plan trips around outback more
    quickly because of the high level of connectivity. From where they are, their destination is visible.
  •  Smart State is all about smart technology, smart lighting,
    and smart planning.



• We use patented technology to be sensitive to wildlife and the environment
• Solar power reduces greenhouse gases and reduces infrastructure costs
• Educating tourists about our indigenous and cultural heritage
• Alerts before disasters happen

Yiray 360

Yiray 360 has been designed to create smarter and safer cities by monitoring movements intelligently via GPS and WiFi to make a smarter city.

Among the many features of this all-in-one solar light are a 8MP, motion sensor, 355-degree rotation, and 100% zoom. The device is equipped with an onboard 32GB memory card and WiFi technology, allowing  you to stay connected anywhere and at any time to what is happening. (provided WIFI networking is available)

It is an integrated solar light and camera that provides hours of uninterrupted illumination and has a life expectancy of 50,000 lumen hours. Moreover, due to their die-cast aluminium construction, these solar lights and cameras can withstand extreme climate changes without cracking or peeling.

 Light Features:

Day/Night Operation

 All-in-One Construction

 Lamp material – Aluminium Alloy

  5000LM – 6000LM – 88000LM – 12,000LM – 14,500LM – 28,000LM option

  LED Usage Life 50,000 Lumen hours

  550WH – 680WH – 810WH – 768WH – 1180WHBattery

Patented Technology by YirayTech

Camera Features:


Pan, Tilt, Zoom Lens Control

100% Zoom

355-degree rotation

24/7 Recording

Built-in 32GB memory card

Optional Cloud Storage or Local Storage

Motion Sensor:

 Time Activation

 Advanced Sony Sensor

 The product is patented technology by YirayTech


 8 years limited – Battery

 25 years – Panel

 Lumens – 50,000 Lumen hours