Who We Are


At YirayTech, we provide innovative solutions to make cities smarter worldwide. Four years ago, we embarked on a journey to design a solar lighting/CCTV/communications system that is environmentally friendly, sustainable, and produces net-zero carbon emissions. Today, we are proud to say that our product is being designed and manufactured in Australia and adheres to ISO protocol standards in every aspect.

Our efforts focus on lighting parks, streets, and public infrastructure, each producing significant greenhouse gases annually. With the installation of our security lights, we have chosen to focus on the smart city space and the development of a network to support the smart city vision.



Our product serves as a mechanism for delivering technology into smart cities in the near future. As a result of its security and ease of installation, it has significant rolling-out savings about development time and resources. In addition, several other features have also been integrated into this system, such as early warning alert capabilities for upcoming disasters and facial recognition capabilities.

We are proud to announce that we are now working with uncle Bob Brown Tomican/Wandandian clan our people speak Yuin and in addition  with Wurundjeri Woi-wurrung Cultural Heritage Aboriginal Corporation to provide indigenous participation in manufacturing our products and training for our employees.

Likewise, a portion of the proceeds from our sales goes to support indigenous housing, health and education programs in the community.