With our innovative Solar Lighting/CCTV/communications systems, Yiray Tech provides smart city solutions. Our products are tested against all weather conditions, region D certified, and power-efficient


Our focus on smart cities enables us to offer the following solutions:

  • Environmentally sustainable
  • Net zero emissions
  • Greenhouse savings
  • Carbon credits that can be traded
  • 100% recyclable after its life cycle
  • It does not require electrical cabling
  • Secure as a hard-wired camera
  • Relocatable
  • Future-proof
  • Half the cost of installing a traditional streetlight
  • Significant roll-out savings in development and resources
  • Back-to-base alerts 24/7
  • Maintenance issues
  • Video capture
  • Lighting
  • Australian help desk
  • Reduce crime (one light is as effective as ten police officers)
  • By distinguishing humans from animals, they can be friendly to nature and wildlife in their natural habitat.
  • Azure Platform
  • Secure private networks

  • Remote communities will benefit from MESH satellite uplinks

  • Quickly and cheaply installed at Black Spot Traffic intersections

  • WIFI/4G/5G/E-SIM/Satellite uplink
  • Bringing lighting and communications to remote areas.
  • Capture and secure on-unit hard drive.
  • ICloud upload
  • Remote dimming via IP address and GPS.
  • Early warning alerts for pending disasters.
  • It can be integrated into existing software systems.
  • Master Key system access points

  • Power Usage Patterns

  • Remote hard booting

  • Patent Pending

  • Local Help Desks


Depending on your region and requirements, we offer two smart city lights, the Yiray 300 and Yiray 360.

A proprietary controller card designed and manufactured in Australia encrypts data and video feeds end-to-end, which can be secured on Azure or customized to each client.

With logging and auditing for security breaches. In addition, our products feature facial recognition, number plate recognition, and data matching.


YIRAY PURPLE® is their management platform that provides real-time network monitoring and management, making it easy for customers to access network data. It also offers continuous performance monitoring and distills critical data to enable quick and effective management and reporting, while measuring and metering the performance of the luminary and the solar generator. YIRAY PURPLE® can be availed as hosted software or a managed service, and its modular design creates opportunities for additional data analytics, coupling critical network management with Smart City applications.